What is the Partnership?

TrueSport and USA Swimming’s Deck Pass partnership seek to influence and encourage youth swimmers to win the right way. Through exciting activities in areas like teamwork, leadership, goal-setting, clean competition, and decision-making, more than 200,000 Deck Pass users have the ability to gain skills that will help them succeed both in and out of the pool.

Swim Mom Explains Groundbreaking Partnership

How Does It Work?

Swimmers earn TrueSport patches in USA Swimming’s Deck Pass app by completing TrueSport lessons. These patches are earned by completing word searches, solving puzzles, and watching videos. These lessons, along with encouragement and stories from four-time Olympic medalist and TrueSport Athlete Ambassador Peter Vanderkaay, are designed to help Deck Pass members learn more about TrueSport values like respect, courage, teamwork, and more! Be one of the first individuals to complete the TrueSport Deck Pass program and receive free swag or an invitation to a video chat with a TrueSport Ambassador.

TrueSport Meets and Swag Scavenger Hunts

Throughout the spring and summer, TrueSport and Deck Pass will be attending USA Swimming-sanctioned meets all around the country. At these meets, Deck Pass users will have the opportunity to participate in scavenger hunts, win awesome swag, and earn customized patches. Here’s a look at where we’ll be in 2015:

  1. February 26-March 1: New England Swimming 14 & Under Championships (White River Junction, VT)

  2. March 5-8: Arizona Age Group Championships (Oro Valley, AZ)

  3. March 12-13: Michigan Swimming 12 & Under Championships (Grand Rapids, MI)

  4. March 13-14: Ohio Swimming Junior Olympics (Bowling Green, OH)

Check back in late spring to see where we will be this summer!


2016 Nutrition Lesson 1
2016 Nutrition Lesson 2
2016 Nutrition Lesson 3
2016 Nutrition Lesson 4
2016 Decision Making
2016 Leadership
2016 Energy Drinks
2016 Hydration Pre Competition
2016 Hydration During Competition
2016 Hydration After Competition
2016 Teamwork
2016 Goal-Setting - Daily and Short Term
2016 Goal-Setting - Long Term
2016 Perseverance
2016 Shortcuts


Are you a TrueSport? Show us! Use the hashtag #TrueSportInAction to show us how you’re using TrueSport skills and lessons to become a better athlete!

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