TrueSport Expert Series

The TrueSport Expert Series is an in-depth look at youth sports from experts, ranging from nutritionists to sport psychologists, on topics examining the performance, values, and health of youth athletes. Click each image to play the videos.

New Expert Advice

Nadia Kyba, MSW, RSW on Bullying Behaviors

TrueSport Expert, Nadia Kyba, MSW, RSW, explains how to take a trauma-informed approach when addressing bullying behaviors, and shares how both parents and coaches can best prevent and confront these behaviors..

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More Expert Advice

Deborah Gilboa, MD on Leadership

TrueSport Expert, Deborah Gilboa, MD, explains that leadership is skill-based, not personality-based, and provides tips on how to nurture those skills in your young athletes.

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Michele LaBotz, MD, FAAP on Physical Literacy

TrueSport Expert, Michele LaBotz, MD, FAAP, explains the concept of physical literacy, and how coaches and parents can have their young athletes train safely and at the right pace for their development.

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Kristen Ziesmer on Hydration

TrueSport Expert, Kristen Ziesmer, explains how to tell whether your young athlete is properly hydrated, when to incorporate electrolytes, and the ideal way to flavor water.

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Melissa Streno on Social Media and Body Image

TrueSport Expert and licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Melissa Streno, addresses the impact of social media on body image and how parents can support their children as they navigate content, ask tough questions, and look for role models.

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Dr. Kevin Chapman on Performance Anxiety

Dr. Kevin Chapman explains the source of performance anxiety and offers advice to parents and coaches on how to help young athletes manage anxiety in sports, school, and other social environments.

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Nadia Kyba, MSW, on Positional Behavior

Nadia Kyba, MSW, TrueSport Expert and President of Now What Facilitation, explains the principle of positional behavior, which often leads to fixed or oversimplified solutions to conflict. Instead, Kyba explains how parents and coaches can evaluate the interests of all parties in order to develop mutually beneficial solutions and uphold the values of sport.

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Kristen Ziesmer on Nutrition

TrueSport Expert, Kristen Ziesmer, explains the different nutrition best practices for endurance and power athletes, as well as tips for fueling before and after training.

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Dr. Matt Fedoruk on Clean Sport

USADA’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Matthew Fedoruk, discusses the importance of ethics when young athletes face pressure to dope and  identifies the warning signs of performance-enhancing drug use.

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