Todd Raymond: Learning About Supplement Risk the Hard Way

Being the parent of a rising star in sports isn’t always easy. From shuttling your athlete long distances to practices and competitions, to making sure they’re consuming the proper nutrients to fuel their sport performance, parents play a major role in helping athletes pursue their passions.

Todd Raymond has embraced those responsibilities for his daughter, Abby, a weightlifter for Team USA and recent addition to the 2019 Junior World team. Through the ups and downs of raising a junior elite athlete, Raymond has taken great pride in watching Abby learn and grow.

As a parent of a highly-driven young athlete whose intensity and expectations of herself constantly increase, Todd believes that it’s a parent’s job to guide their young athlete’s decisions from a distance and help them understand and set boundaries for themselves as they continue to progress through sport. If an athlete progresses far enough, the role of a sport parent can also mean helping with higher-stake decisions.

As an athlete in the sport of weightlifting, Abby is subject to anti-doping rules and testing, which helps ensure that all athletes have access to a fair and level playing field. Athletes are responsible for anything that enters and goes on their body. With this responsibility came new and serious conversations about what Abby could and couldn’t do under the rules.

Despite their diligence and dedication to clean sport, the Raymond family was devastated when they learned that Abby faced an anti-doping rule violation after unintentionally consuming a prohibited substance, which they later learned came from a contaminated supplement from a new sponsor.

Watch the full interview to hear how Raymond supported Abby through this devastating blow and how his family has embraced accountability while also helping others recognize the risks of supplements.