We Saved You a Spot on the Team

You can help us transform the culture of youth sports in America and make a real, positive difference in the lives of our young people…on and off the field. From national governing bodies, like USA Swimming and USA Volleyball, to neighborhood sport clubs, our partner programs across the country uniquely integrate TrueSport resources into their sport programs to meet their individual needs and specific objectives. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

With support from you, we can continue to create and customize programs for coaches, parents, and young athletes, building a community that believes in the power of our cornerstones: Sportsmanship, Clean & Healthy Performance, and Character Building & Life Skills.

Why It Matters?

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We believe that sport enriches the lives of our young people. It can help them build the skills – and the character – that will equip them for lasting success to be our future leaders. But, somehow, the aspirations got disconnected from the reality. We recognize the symptoms: over competitive coaches, out-of-control parents, and kids, under pressure to win, who just get burned out.

We discovered that 85% of youth sport parents think that youth sport should reinforce positive values. But shockingly, only 35% of those parents believe that youth sport is actually building those values.

That’s a stunning 50% difference. And that’s the realization that led us to create TrueSport. Not just to encourage sportsmanship, character building, and healthy performance – but to fundamentally change that culture.

When you Partner with TrueSport, you…

Align Your Organization with Unmatched Credentials

TrueSport is powered by the experience and values of USADA – the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency – the country’s most trusted guardian of sport, dedicated to preserving the integrity of competition at every level. Our athlete ambassadors, drawn from the elite levels of sport, include Olympians and world champions.

Create a Culture of Enduring Values for Your Constituents

TrueSport is founded on three cornerstones that are accessible, actionable, and intensely meaningful: Sportsmanship, Character Building & Life Skills, and Clean & Healthy Performance. Together, these cornerstones support a holistic approach to youth sport – one that embraces the health-enhancing benefits of physical activity as well as the life-affirming benefits of clean competition.


Get Real Reach and Real Results

We are more than a promise. Since our founding in 2012, TrueSport has demonstrated itself as a proven partner – delivering powerful tools and benefits to organizations across the country. From interactive lessons to action-oriented coach and parent resources, our programs have reached millions of youth sport families across the country.

Provide Impactful Opportunities to Youth Organizations Across the Country

TrueSport lesson programs, athlete ambassador engagements, content packages, coaching education modules, and parent resources bring value that is meaningful and motivating.

TrueSport and USA swimming outdoor event featuring table and tent

The Time for TrueSport is Now!

It’s time to change things for the better. Together, we can transform youth sport into a life-changing, value-driven,
powerfully positive experience that sets kids up for success beyond the playing field. In a world wondering what happened to simple ethics,
good values, and honorable competition, the TrueSport message resonates deeply with a special relevance for today’s families.


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