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TrueSport Supplement Guide

The TrueSport Supplement Guide details the benefits of a food-first nutrition strategy, providing food and supplement comparisons, real-life testimonials by Olympians, and ways to help parents realize and reduce the risks associated with dietary supplements with their young athletes.

TrueSport Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook teaches parents how to ensure a safe, healthy, and meaningful sport experience for their children along with how to maximize their potential.


TrueSport Parent Pocket Guide

Become your child’s biggest supporter. Our Parent Pocket Guide is a condensed booklet with advice and guidelines that will help you help your athlete.


TrueSport Nutrition Guide

It can be confusing to try and figure what to feed young athletes. Our Nutrition Guide offers guidelines that will help any athlete stay healthy, recover, and fuel for peak performance.

USADA What Sport Means in America

USADA commissioned a survey of nearly 9,000 Americans to better understand what people believe the role of sport is—and should be—in society.

TrueSport Report

This U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) report explains why over 200 million Americans welcome sport into their lives, and the benefits—physical, psychological, and otherwise—of doing so.