We Saved You a Spot on the Team.

We value champions and champion values at all levels of sport. Whether you are a coach at your local school district, a little league parent volunteer, or an elite club organizer, this program is for you.

Help us change the culture of youth sport – one team at a time. The TrueSport Program is a robust, expert-based resource library with athletes, parents, and coaches in mind. Program resources include:

  • Curriculum-style lessons
  • Athlete videos
  • Coaching certification
  • Interactive & practical activities
  • Supporting publications
  • Engaging discussion starters

The TrueSport Program is helping coaches, camp organizers, and all members of the youth sports community teach valuable skills and life lessons to ensure that young athletes succeed on and off the field.

Explore Program Resources

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Get access to interactive and practical curriculum that will help you easily incorporate values into school and sport settings.

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Train the Trainer

Get the training you and your staff need directly from TrueSport to best implement the lessons with your athletes and advocate for positive values in sport.

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Coaching Certification

Get TrueSport certified while learning to prepare athletes for success on and off the field.

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Athlete Ambassador Engagement

Get Olympic, Paralympic, and National Team athletes in front of your team to inspire excellence beyond wins and losses.

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The TrueSport Program starts at $5 and is available in both digital and hard copy.

Tel: 719-323-6868

What's Covered

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Character Building & Life Skills

Mental Health

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Clean & Healthy Performance

Energy Drinks
Dietary Supplements
Nutrition & Hydration
Preparation & Recovery
Clean Sport
Body Image

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A Good Sport
Bullying Prevention

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The TrueSport Program starts at $5 and is available in both digital and hard copy.

Tel: 719-323-6868

Join the Team

Are you a coach? Are you a parent? Are you a sports administrator?

Bring TrueSport to your athletes!

“TrueSport is working to share and encourage the very same values that my camps are built on. Things like integrity, perseverance and courage. And the TrueSport lessons are delivered in an actionable, relatable way. You can actually see the principles taking root – see them changing the behaviors of the athletes. So, on top of playing an amazing game that is fun and on top of trying to great and succeed, we can also learn what it takes to grow from a youngster or adolescent into a respectable young adult through the sport. This is something that any and every young player can achieve through the game…and that is awesome!”


Trevor Tierney, President and co-founder of LXTC Lacrosse