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In the world of lacrosse, Trevor Tierney is a legend. Two-time All-American. All-World Goalie. The only goalie in history to win NCAA, MLL, and FIL World Championships.

By any standard, it was an impressive record. And yet there was something missing.

“At first, when I was a young athlete, I simply wanted to win,” Trevor says. “I wanted to be the best player so people would cheer for me. I wanted to win trophies and championships and be in newspaper articles…. I would succeed at one level, but that was never enough and I wanted to be great at the next level…and then the next…and then the next. When I reached my goals, that was never good enough to me.”

Tierney took a long, hard look inside. And he came to realize that winning was only one part of the deeper success that sport can help us achieve.

Driven by the same dedication that had powered his playing career, Tierney resolved to share his insights with the next generation of lacrosse players – not just technical skills, but meaningful life lessons as well. Today, through his world-class camps, he shares his insights and values with thousands of young athletes.

TrueSport is a natural partner in his successful efforts to elevate the culture of his sport. Trevor is a proud TrueSport coach and Athlete Ambassador, including the TrueSport message in every one of his programs.

“There’s an amazing synergy here,” Trevor continues. “TrueSport is working to share and encourage the very same values that my camps are built on. Things like integrity, perseverance and courage. And the TrueSport lessons are delivered in an actionable, relatable way. You can actually see the principles taking root – see them changing the behaviors of the athletes. So, on top of playing an amazing game that is fun and on top of trying to be great and succeed, we can also learn what it takes to grow from a youngster or adolescent into a respectable young adult through the sport. This is something that any and every young player can achieve through the game…and that is awesome!”